Slawa Smagin, Düsseldorf's best wedding photographer

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Düsseldorf? You need to get to know Slawa Smagin. This professional photographer will provide you with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so you can enjoy this important day in your life and take the best pictures.

Slawa Smagin knows that this is a very special moment in a couple's life. That's why she offers wedding photo shoots that are calm, elegant and have their own personality. In addition to photos, he also makes wedding videos so you have a unique memory of your big day.

For many, he is the best wedding photographer in Düsseldorf, although he works all over the country. He has many years of experience with more than 150 weddings in Dusseldorf and the rest of Europe. An impeccable professional who has highly satisfied clients and guarantees you a clean work adapted to your being as a couple.

A professional and reliable wedding photographer in Dusseldorf

Slawa Smagin is a great professional in the world of wedding photography. She works full-time as a photojournalist and as a videographer for weddings. He has a long career behind him: he studied photography at the University of Dortmund and was able to perfect his technique in the world of wedding photography.

The Düsseldorf photographer can offer you epic wedding photos and emotional wedding videos to give you the most beautiful memories of this important day for you and your partner. His specialty is to find the naturalness of every moment, every gesture, every look.... For this reason, his reportages are based on capturing real, unstaged moments in the purest documentary style.

This unique and personal style is carried throughout the wedding. In this way, the guests, the family members and the bride and groom can be captured in their purest form, without art or fiction. The best way to capture the real emotions experienced at the wedding, which will be remembered for a lifetime thanks to this reportage.

Here are some pictures of wedding photos by Slawa Smagin, a wedding photographer in Düsseldorf, which will convince you:

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